New Technology, Old-School Detective Work.



Online Investigative Research

In-depth, leave-no-stone-unturned investigative research for background checks, defense cases and online investigations.

Surveillance Investigations

Discrete surveillance investigations for Workers’ Compensation claims, Medical Malpractice defense and fraudulent lawsuits.

Litigation Support & Field Investigations

Locating witnesses, investigative interviews and process serving. We hit the street to collect important evidence and uncover the truth.

Social Media Investigations

Account Identification, analysis, preservation, monitoring, and webpage capture services.

If there is a confidential matter you'd like to discuss, we offer free and discrete case evaluations. Call 814-636-1165 or submit a question via our Contact Form and an investigator will reply as soon as possible.

About US

Flagship Investigative Services, LLC: Erie Private Investigators
There is nothing as deceptive as an obvious fact ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

Flagship Investigative Services, LLC is a licensed full-service Pennsylvania private investigation agency located in Erie, PA. We offer personalized investigative services to attorneys and law firms, insurance professionals, corporate decision makers, business owners, and private individuals in Northwestern Pennsylvania and throughout the entire state. We work with clients who appreciate our creativity, grit, and passion for problem solving. Our mission is to provide dependable intelligence to our clients so they can make fully-informed decisions in their business and personal lives. We think creatively and work diligently to solve the problems that have entangled their time and energy. To resolve cases we use investigative databases - both public and private, scour the public record, analyze social media accounts, follow up on leads, conduct surveillance, and if after all that you still don’t have answers – we’ll actually leave our desks and go talk with people face to face.

  • Account Identification, analysis, monitoring, and preservation

  • Comprehensive background checks, red flag identification

  • Gathering evidence in real-time, backed with video documentation

  • Open-source intelligence gathering, web searches and social media investigations

We are Erie, PA private investigators with a deep professional network of specialists, experts and detectives. Member of the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators (PALI).

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